Ore to Shore

The 10 mile version of the Ore to Shore, the Shore Rock, on August 9, was the first mountain bike race that Cindy participated in. She had a great finish. The Ore to Shore in […]


Jon and Elli

Any father would say it, but my kids are AWESOME! We happened upon this fort a previous visitor had built along the shores of Lake Michigan at Fayette State Park. The kids were little, so […]


Cabin Fever

As the snow accumulates and the days get shorter, I find myself daydreaming of the next trip, the next adventure, the next photo safari. Ever since my parents took us on that epic road trip […]


Off to College

We left Jon at the University of Michigan today. He will be a freshman in the College of Engineering. It was traumatic for us as we left Ann Arbor without him. We set up the bunk […]



The traditions of our summers resting from a stressful year of teaching are many. Summertime is time for me to cure some of the wanderlust that has built up during the school year. This summer, […]