Iceman Cometh 2013

I signed up for the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race back on March 1, not having any clue how much mountain biking I was going to actually be doing this year. I originally signed up […]


Milky Way Galaxy

In my research for our trip through Utah’s National Parks, I came across several posts on shooting photos of the Milky Way galaxy. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate for these types of photos. I had […]


Jon and Elli

Any father would say it, but my kids are AWESOME! We happened upon this fort a previous visitor had built along the shores of Lake Michigan at Fayette State Park. The kids were little, so […]

No Picture

Mackinaw Bridge

The Mackinaw Bridge spans the Straits of Mackinaw between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsula. It offers an excellent photo subject in all seasons.