Family Day

We left Yosemite this morning still reeling from last night’s amazing photography session with Mother Nature. As we made the short, couple hours trek to our brother Matt’s house near Sacremento, some things struck me […]


Ore to Shore

The 10 mile version of the Ore to Shore, the Shore Rock, on August 9, was the first mountain bike race that Cindy participated in. She had a great finish. The Ore to Shore in […]


Jon and Elli

Any father would say it, but my kids are AWESOME! We happened upon this fort a previous visitor had built along the shores of Lake Michigan at Fayette State Park. The kids were little, so […]

No Picture

Bishop Road Trip

Once upon a time, I was a fanatical rock climber. (No surprise, I am fanatical about something.) In the spring of 1995, my brother and I took an extended road trip, climbing our way through […]


Off to College

We left Jon at the University of Michigan today. He will be a freshman in the College of Engineering. It was traumatic for us as we left Ann Arbor without him. We set up the bunk […]