Newest print production

This is the cover for the latest Inland Lakes Nexus yearbook. Click on the photo to view production images from the last two editions.

The creative process

The creative process takes time. Watch how the 2007 Nexus went from the concept of using the US in our name to a full-blown package of visual and verbal with a two-section concept book with sections describing how and where we are United and how and where we choose to go Solo.


Beautiful photography has been a hallmark of our publications since the beginning. Check out the photography page for some examples of my work.


Infographics are one of the hottest trends in design. With a cleverly built graphic, the design team can convey an article’s worth of content in a single, easily read image. Check out the infographic page for examples of our team’s work.

Website development

As a journalism teacher with three classes at our tiny, rural school, the production of the yearbook was not enough to sustain the program. A news website was launched in Sept. 2015. The traffic has been steady with 53,000 views in the first year. Multimedia have been viewed over 600,000 times.

iOS app production

The il360.news website was ported to an iOS app using the Worona WordPress plugin. The plugin was free, but upgrades were purchased to enhance the interface. Sadly, Worona will stop servicing their plugin in October 2018. In developing the IL 360 app, I worked with the software developer to eliminate some of the bugs in the software. After successfully running the app on simulator software, it was another few weeks of navigating Apple’s certification and approval process before the free app was available in the iTunes store.

JEA Curriculum Work

I am the photojournalism curriculum leader for JEA’s efforts to produce a national scholastic journalism curriculum.

Collaboration in print

I collaborated with Bradley Wilson to write an article on strobe lighting for high school gymnasiums for the JEA magazine C-JET.

The Light Show – CJET, Summer 2006

I wrote an article for Herff-Jones’ Yearbook Discoveries magazine, Volume 13 Issue 2. The article taught photographers and designers to crop images tightly for greatest impact. A similar article was written on tamorley.com. That article was the basis for one of my lessons for the JEA curriculum.

Logo work

My volunteer work as a soccer coach for the local recreational soccer league led me to develop the logo for the organization, Working on a badge for the uniforms, my concept included a soccer ball in the background with the lakes surrounding our community as the visual to identify our location. Earlier versions of the logo had the lakes in color, but that has since been dropped.

The masthead for il360 has gone through a few revisions


The Nexus yearbook is the most successful program at Inland Lakes, with seven state championships and three national championships.

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