Las Vegas Golf

Spending mid-winter break golfing in Las Vegas with my brother was a great way to celebrate his birthday and the end of the basketball season.

The Primm Valley golf resort is not actually in Primm, Nevada. It’s across the boarder in California. Rumor is Tom Fazio signed a contract that said he wouldn’t build another course in Nevada as one of the conditions for building Shadow Creek for Steve Wynn in Las Vegas. He built the two Primm Valley courses in the middle of the Mohave Desert, just across the Nevada-California border, with the Lakes course supposedly being a replica of Shadow Creek. The Desert course typifies golf in the desert, where an errant shot requires what locals refer to as a “rock club.”

With the “Lakes” course, Fazio pulled out all the stops. Imported pine trees, copious water, and migrant waterfowl have turned this piece of the desert into a gem.

Instead of playing cramped courses in the city where holes are wedged together in a single block and you are playing on top of everyone else out there, get away from downtown with its crowds and play two Fazio courses in a day.

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