The traditions of our summers resting from a stressful year of teaching are many.

Summertime is time for me to cure some of the wanderlust that has built up during the school year. This summer, like the previous one, I have been able to check off a few more things off my bucket list. (Great movie BTW.)

I climbed a 14er in Colorado with Elli and Cindy – tough but I absolutely want to try some more.

Elli and I attended the San Diego Comic-Con. It was an amazing experience with an insane amount of people.


A week ago, I biked my age. I rode 42+ miles on my road bike, something I haven’t done since adventure racing a decade ago. My big goal of riding 100 miles in a week isn’t too far off. I don’t know if a century in a day will happen before the snow flies this winter, but it is seeming more and more possible.

Summertime also sees us having family come to visit. My brother Matt and his family make an annual trip to the Midwest from their home near Sacramento. I forget how fast little ones grow. Our nephew Calvin is a cutey.


This year we were finally able to take them out on the boat.


I didn’t think it was going to happen this year because the boat had been running so poorly, but after a spark plug change, the engine has been starting and running smoothly. Now we just have to make it through the last few times out before our local guy can fix the U-joint bellows.

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