Summer Vacation

Summer time is great. Spending time on the boat, just basking in the sun, reading, is a great time to recharge after a long year at school.

My daughter and I started a tradition last year. We live a block from Mullett Lake, the third largest inland lake in Michigan. Last August, we decided to finally do one of those things I had always wanted to on the lake. We stayed on the boat overnight.

It was a riot. We had so much fun jumping in the water after dark. Elli did again at the crack of dawn. I was too chicken. We shot Flip videos. We read by headlamps. We ate cold cereal and washed it down with filtered lake water.

Our boat is 19 foot bowrider, so there isn’t really any protection from the elements. The temperature dropped into the low 50s that night, and we woke with dew all over everything. I had slept weird on my shoulder, so it was stiff for weeks.

But it was the coolest time I’ve ever spent with Elli, I think.

So the tradition continues tonight. After Jon’s soccer game, Elli and I grabbed sleeping bags and we are out on the boat, reading by headlamps. It’s so peaceful out here at night. The stars are just starting to get good, and I hope some of the meteors from the recent shower will still be raining.

Through the miracle, or curse, of technology, I can update my blog using my iPhone. Am I taking time away from our adventure? Elli says no. She’s reading.

Summer vacation is winding down. It’s been an awesome summer, filled with adventures both personal and work related. I needed a summer like this summer. It’s been good, but I know it’s time to get back to work. I’m excited in many ways for the coming school year, but I’ve already begun planning our next vacation.

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