Family Day

We left Yosemite this morning still reeling from last night’s amazing photography session with Mother Nature. As we made the short, couple hours trek to our brother Matt’s house near Sacremento, some things struck me about California.

First, they grow trees really big here. So big, they can only fit three big ones and a few small ones on a truck.

Second, California’s water crisis is very real. The whole state feels like it could go up in flames in an instant.

Third, there are never any clouds in the sky.

Before making the final few miles to Matt’s house, we stopped for lunch at a sushi bar Josh has tried a few times when he has been here. They have their beer selection on a conveyor belt. It was fun watching the chef prepare our sushi rolls. The meager ones I’ve been making at home are far from authentic.

We were quickly introduced to the animals in the Morley house: a blue belly lizard named Azule.

And this is their seven-month-old dog Rosco. Elli would be very jealous. He’s a fun, playful and friendly young pup.

FEATURE PHOTO: Calvin immediately wanted to learn how to take pictures with my camera.

And Christopher was bummed when he had to go to baseball practice.

Our electronics are getting a good charge instead of wimpy charges from the car’s accessory outlets.

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