First Full Day in Yosemite

On our first full day in Yosemite, we hiked down from Glacier Point to Nevada Falls.  

The hike was tough, it was either going downhill or uphill, never any flat ground. From Glacier Point, the trail heads two miles down to the series of rapids in the feature photo.

It appears there are thimble berries in Yosemite too! I’ve now seen them in Rocky Mountain Nation Park, Teton NP, on the rail trail near Topinabee, and, of course, the Keweenaw. 

The view from the top of Nevada Falls is worth the trek. 

Saturday night was the first time either of us had ever camped in Yosemite Valley. As we were setting up camp, this jay came and sat on the lid of the open trunk. When I started talking to him, he puffed up like crazy.   

It was nice being able to ride around the Valley on our bikes as the sun was setting.    Dinner was a pot of spaghetti with a spicy sauce Josh suggested – Arbiatta. 

The view looking up from our picnic table:

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