Long Travel Day

We left Park City early Friday morning, expecting a long travel day through some of the most remote highways in America. 

We passed a Morton salt factory in the Great Salt Lake along I-80.    
I-80 through western Utah is so remote that the speed limit is 80 mph. 


And they have to entertain you with sculpture to distract you from the monotony. 
We made it into Nevada fairly quickly.   

But then turned into the most remote highways in the country. In at least three sections of our drive, there were signs for “Next services 100+ miles.”  

The remote border into California was disappointing. The only thing there was a cattle guard and a burned out RV trailer which I missed taking a picture of. Five miles later, we got to the produce inspection station. 
Josh was a beast driving. Little did I know, he was on a mission to make it to Mammoth Brewery for an early dinner. They had, perhaps, the best root beer I have ever had.    

And my tri tip nachos were amazing!  

So Josh had a couple of samplers at MBC, and I drove to our Wawona campsite.  

We set up camp, then headed to Glacier Point to shoot the stars over Half Dome. 

What an amazing travel day! 


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