Volleyball Action

I’ve been trying to find a source for good volleyball images to emulate, without any luck, so I’ve resorted to just trying creative places in the gym to shoot from. It helps that I finally took the time to calibrate my big 120-300/2.8 lens to my cameras. We spent the past two weeks shooting football photos which were all front-focused and unusable.MadiMilner

I finally found what could be my favorite place to shoot volleyball from – literally with the lens on the floor, down off the end of the bleachers. The players look tall, fearsome, dominating, powerful. Don’t you agree?



Bearing in mind the Nexus yearbook theme for the year “Me2,” I’ve been searching for perfect moments which demonstrate working together on the volleyball court.


Also, from this vantage point, if the players on the other team cooperate and stay out of the way, it’s possible to shoot a really good defensive dig too. The only criticism I would have is the red EXIT sign is distracting.SavannaVanessa

Finally, on a frustrating note, we have tried this experiment before, but it has been a while now. I was able to use the janitor’s lift and some of my studio gear to hang a camera in the rafters, pointing over the net. The net has been a problem in a lot of the images we have been shooting. You can trick the camera into shooting through the black net, but it would be so much better to just shot over the net from a really high angle. Here is an image from our first attempt for the year. Obviously, the lens fell out of focus.



The varsity split with JoBurg 1-3 tonight.


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  1. Love your photos. You looked like you were having a wonderful time with your camera!!! So glad you are out there capturing these priceless moments of our kids/athletes!!! I love the rafter cam, focus will be a must, super awesome view!!! We are all so pumped that you are doing yearbook!!!! Thank you for these spectacular shots!!!

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