Red Earth Classic 2014

For riders who love single track, the Red Earth Classic is a must do. Held at the end of July near Ishpeming, I raced in the 19 mile version and placed first in my Clydesdale category, 25th overall and 8th in the 40-something age group.

The Al Quaal Ski Area hosted the finish line and the final seven miles, teasing the racer past the finishing area along the ski trails before spitting them back into the woods for the final four miles of mixed singletrack and ski trail climbs.

It was a break through race on a personal level. I was hydrated and fed better than in any other race, although the twelve miles of singletrack beat me up. For me singletrack is a slow, methodical section of races. I will have to practice it some more.

I was so exhausted leading up to the last half mile, I didn’t even see my brother waiting with Cindy as she took these photos.



  1. Congrats on the First place ! I took 2 nd in Clyde after you successfully made those killer hills and passed my by. Tried my best to stay with you, but I was toast on the second round uphill! I keep telling everyone how disheartening it was to see you turn and head back downhill again each time we got to the top. Hope you got your trophy, missed you at the podium. Way to stay tough. Good luck in future races. Tey the Great Deer Chase, you would nail it.

    • Thanks for the comment. I did the Ore to Shore yesterday (forgot my helmet in the car, so started five plus minutes late), so it looks like the Great Deer chase is not a go. I’m still trying to get my award from the Red Earth Classic. I talked to the guy Friday night. He had a Sisu Cycles booth a the O2S fair inside Lakeview Arena. I saw their post of those sweet awards last year and have been wanting to earn one since! He also said next year’s REC will be shorter – too much feedback that this year’s race was too difficult.

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