Cherry-Roubaix Bike Festival – Traverse City


Sunday was the road race, the final day of the Cherry-Roubaix. Once again, I kept up with the peloton until the first major hill, then my lungs and legs flamed out. (Months later, I finally went to my doctor and got back on my full asthma treatment.) The Cherry-Roubaix road course is one of the toughest in the Midwest, with two categorized climbs. After getting dropped by the pack on the shorter hills leading up to the first categories climb, I latched onto a random racer’s wheel and drafted until I recovered. We then proceeded to work together for the next 20 miles, sharing the work until we came back on the first categorized climb on the second lap where he fell away. With how tough the course is, my USA Cycling road race ranking skyrocketed, which, I guess, is one good thing about such a crazy ride.


The criterium during the Cherry-Roubaix was on Saturday, June 15, 2013. The Roubaix part of the course is one block downtown where the street is paved in brick. These crits are ridiculous – a mad sprint of a mass group. Not something I think I want any part of anymore. I think I will stick with just road races in the 2014 season, working on continuing to build strength and endurance and trying to lose weight for mountain bike racing.

The 2013 Cherry-Roubaix Time Trial course was another hilly, long course. This race happened Friday night, so you were putting in max effort against the clock the night before the long road race.


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