Mount Pleasant Road Race

MtPleasantRoadFinishThis was my second road race of the 2013 season, and my inexperience showed once again. I lined up in outside front of the group at the starting line, then sprinted out to take the lead of the lefthand line in the peloton.  I stayed there for the first eight miles or so of the 46 mile race. After that, I rotated around in the first dozen or so at the front. At about the 23 mile mark, we hit the only two hills on the course. I started getting dropped on the first short hill, then got completely dropped on the only significant hill on the course. I had used too much energy on the lead out in the first ten miles. After I recovered from that one hills, I kicked in up another notch and pushed myself for next twenty miles. I grabbed one guy as I passed him, and he spent most of the last fifteen miles one my rear wheel. I asked hime for about a ten minute break where he lead, but then I hopped back up front and cranked us to the finish at over 20 mph. At the line, I pushed ahead of him, so I was the first guy over the line after the peloton finished.


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